June 22, 2018
CCA - Iowa Certified Specialists
May 04, 2017

Sioux Center, IA -- The CCA-Iowa would like to announce a new group of professionals who have voluntarily chosen to enhance their skills and knowledge in the field of Agronomy.  They have passed the Sustainability Certification exam, 4R Nutrient Mangement Specialty exam, and the International CCA and Iowa CCA exams. 

The International Crop Adviser (ICCA) Program is the largest voluntary, agriculturally oriented certification program in North America.  Over 13,000 agronomy professionals have met the standards-exams, experience, education, ethics-set by the American Society of Agronomy (ASA) to become certified.

2017 CCA Sustainabilty Specialist
  • Joshua B. Baker - Farmers Coop Society, Sioux Center
    • Josh is also certificed as a 4R Nutrient Management Specialist (4RNMS) and Resistance Mangement Specialist (RMS).
2017 CCA 4R Nutrient Mangement Specialists
  • Ben Van Beek - Farmers Coop Society, Sanborn
  • Braden Kooiker - Farmers Coop Society, Ireton
  • Joshua Plueger - Farmers Coop Society, Sioux Center
  • Kris Norgaard - Farmers Coop Society, Sioux Center
2017 Certified Crop Advisors
  • Cody Van Drie - Farmers Coop Society, Boyden
  • Nate Mayer - Farmers Coop Society, Boyden
Please join the Iowa CCA and agricultural community in congratulating the spring 2017 professionals who have chosen to continue their expertise.  If you have any questions about the CCA Program or would like to find a local CCA, please visit certifiedcropadvisor.org or contact your local board.

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