May 24, 2018
Summer Safety Tips for Kids
June 07, 2017

Summer is in full swing and FCS wants to keep you and your kids safe on the farm!

Remember, grain bins are not play areas.  Moving grain can be dangerous along with grain bin ladders reachable by children.

Chemicals need to be stored properly.  Understand what type of chemicals you are using and how, if needed, first aid should be applied.

A very simple rule, no seat - no rider.  Take the extra time to make two trips safely.

Sun protection - use sunscreen and wear a hat.  Make sure you are also staying hydrated.

Be aware of livestock and take care to stay outside of the fence.  Be alert to animal behavior.

Mower safety - never leave a running mower unattended.  No extra riders on lawn mowers.  Mow up and down the slopes with riding mowers and across when using a push mower.

Have an awareness of machinery dangers.  Do not remove shields and guards.

Be aware of slow moving vehicles.  Use caution on gravel road intersections.  SLOW DOWN!

When using ATV's, drive sensibly.  Use ATV's appropriate for your size and ability.

Remember, safety comes first!  Have a safe and enjoyable summer!

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