September 25, 2018
Custom Cover Crop Drilling
September 11, 2017

For the first time, FCS is now offering custom cover crop drilling.  This drill is set up for no-till and can handle multiple seed options.  We also carry a full line of cover crop seed options.

Our commitment to our High Road to High Yields mission and as a 4R retailer is strengthened by offering this new option for our customers.  FCS is committed to leading with sustainable agronomic, economic and envrionmentally advanced technology solutions.
Cover crops can provide many benefits including; protecting soil from water and wind erosion, holding nutrients in place, reducing compaction, enhanced weed control, along with new cropping options. 

Contact your local FCS Agronomist with questions about Custom Drilling and Cover Crops.

Ireton & Surrounding Areas
Mike Tiedeman | 712-441-7046
Josh Baker | 712-441-3412

Sioux Center & Surrounding Areas
Mark De Kam | 712-441-2123
Paul Brentlinger | 712-441-0065
Josh Plueger | 712-720-9831

Boyden & Surrounding Areas
Cody Van Drie | 712-348-4064

Ritter/Sheldon & Surrounding Areas
Ryan Dobbins | 712-348-1975

Sanborn & Surrounding Areas
Ben Van Beek | 712-348-5253

Melvin & Surrounding Areas
Jerry Stessman | 712-348-1383

Little Rock/Minnesota & Surrounding Areas
Shane Kleinwolterink | 712-441-5346

South Dakota
Joel Berens | 605-214-8358


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