September 25, 2018
Manure Pump Out Safety
October 04, 2017

As manure application season begins, it is important to take pump-out safety precautions.  Maintaining a safe envrionment in swine facilities is of major importance while many other factors also need to be considered while pumping.
  • Review the emergency action plan with all of your employees.  Make sure they are taking all safety precautions at all times.
  • Have a person on-site during pumping.  This person should have a copy of the emergency action plan and be familiar with proper procedures for the site.
  • Turn off the heater pilot lights and other non-ventilation electrical systems (such as the feeding system).  This prevents the ignition of explosive methane concentration.
  • Check the ventilation system.  Check the normal ventilation inlets and curtains to make sure they are working properly.
  • Ensure that all people are out of the building before pumping.  Lock all doors to prevent people from entering.
  • You should NEVER enter a building when pumping manure.
  • Provide continuous ventilation to prevent a gas build-up.
  • When pumping pits that are close to being full, pump without agitaion until manure is about two feet below the slats.
  • Agitate the manure, keeping the jet of pressurized manure below the liquid surface.
  • Stop agitation when the manure level does not allow agitaion below the liquid surface.
  • Continue maximum ventilation for 60 minutes after pumping has ended and before re-entering the building.

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