November 19, 2018
Feed Order Deadline
August 27, 2018

Here at Farmers Coop Society we are always looking for ways to improve our business. Our operations and sales staff has been meeting monthly to improve communication across the feed team and provide a time for ideas and suggestions as to how we can better serve our customers. With this in mind we will be making some changes to our feed ordering system. In the past we have implemented a 24 hour notice for feed deliveries. This meant we needed to have feed ordered by 5pm on the day before delivery to get feed delivered on the next day. In order to improve efficiencies in our mills we will be moving our order deadline up to 1pm for deliveries the following day starting on September 1, 2018. This allows our mills to stock ingredients according to what is ordered for the following day as well as the ability to coordinate mill labor and trucking to get feed out in a timely and efficient manner. Once each mill finishes deliveries for the current day they start lining up their batches and making feed for the next day, having orders in by 1pm will increase the accuracy of this process. We understand that change takes time and patience. We look forward to working through any questions or concerns you might have as we implement the new order time across our system. We are hopeful that this increases efficiencies on our end so that we might provide a higher quality of service to our valued customers. FCS Swine Team

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