November 19, 2018
Improving Iowa's Water Quality
August 27, 2018

 Farmers Coop Society Honored with Ag Leader Award
Sioux Center, IA— Iowa Secretary of Agriculture, Bill Northey, presented Farmers Coops Society with the Ag Leader Award at Agribusiness Showcase. The award was given in recognition of Farmer Coop Society’s outstanding leadership in improving Iowa’s water quality.
“It’s an honor to be recognized for our efforts, the team at FCS and our farmers we partner with are proud of the work we do,” said Kris Norgaard, Agronomy Department Manager.
Since 2014, FCS has been a leading partner in the West Branch of the Floyd River Water Quality Initiative project in Sioux County. Dedicated to this project, FCS serves on the advisory board, hosts field events and meetings, promotes project cost-share opportunities, and provides solutions and tools for farmers to help support the WQI projects.
In addition to FCS, two Certified Crop Advisors and one other agribusinesses received the Ag Leader Award. Northey stated, “All of these award winners are examples of how stakeholders across agriculture are taking on the challenge of improving water quality by providing tools and information to help farmers and landowners make improvements on their farm”
“FCS is one of many local stakeholders in joint efforts to improve water quality. The partnership includes our farmers as well as IDALS, NRCS, ISU Extension, along with others which has been a great working relationship and we are truly making a difference,” said Norgaard.
The mission of FCS is focused around a “High Road To High Yields” core strategy, which is leading with sustainable agronomic, economic, and environmentally advanced technology solutions. This approach directly helps customers with improved return on investments and prepares FCS and its members for the future.
“Since we are a farmer owned Coop, our farmer’s success is our success. Our High Road To High Yields mission is at the core of how we work with our customers. More efficient use of crop inputs makes economic sense for our customers, but also has the benefits of improving water quality and soil health, which is important to all of us,” Norgaard stated.
FCS also employs a staff of agronomists that are Certified Crop Advisors with specialty certifications in 4R and Sustainability and is a 4R fertilizer dealer. “FCS is committed to providing the highest level of expertise and accompanying certifications to help set and maintain high standards for the benefit of FCS and our customers,” said Norgaard.
The FCS agronomy staff has been instrumental helping support these conservation efforts in alignment with area farmers’ operational and economical goals. FCS continues to collaborate with the project and farmers locally by providing professional knowledge, guidance based on experience and leadership to help advance common conservation goals forward.

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