November 19, 2018
Agronomy Intern Program
Full-Service, Constantly Evolving

We help farmers achieve their goals and increase profitability because, to us, every individual operation and every acre presents a unique situation. To reach our customers’ expectations, we continually raise the bar.

Agronomy Division Mission:
Farmers Coop Society is a rapidly growing full-service agronomy company in Northwest Iowa. Our mission is to help farmers achieve their goals and increase profitability. By using a customer-focused approach, we treat every individual operation and every acre as the unique situation it is, and stay flexible to your changing needs. We are constantly striving to raise the bar of expectations our members set for us and keep an eye on the future while focusing on the present. Our agronomy team is the leader in our trade territory in Information Management, Site Specific Ag Services, Seed Sales and Service, Custom Application, along with full-service Chemical Services.

Our customers look to us for:
  • Seed supplies from companies representing diverse genetics.
  • Information from extensively trained professionals.
  • Bulk seed, custom seed treatments, and value-added seed programs.
  • Custom variable-rate application equipment.
  • Detailed nutrient plans based on grid sampling.
  • Site-specific programs that can be customized to each field's needs.
  • Storage and purchasing power to maintain accessible nutrient supplies.
  • A complete full service line of crop protection products.