November 19, 2018
A Total Service Network

What tells the true story of the FCS Feed Division? Number of mills? Daily tonnage?

Our story isn’t a tale of deadlines met or employees who go the extra mile. It isn’t delivery drivers, equipment upgrades, or quality control, either.

The FCS Feed Division story is all those things working together. We tell it to every new customer and watch it work for every livestock producer with a long FCS history. Ours is a total service network relying on all the ways we help our customers each day.

FCS Feed Division: Our Important Numbers

Feed mills – five
Daily mill output – Boyden 650-750 tons; Ireton 650-750 tons; Sanborn 700-750 tons; Sioux Center 900-1,000 tons; Lime Creek 250 tons.
Livestock specialists – 10
Livestock spaces served – 850,000
Services that set us apart:
  • HAACP Certified Feed Mills
  • Three Opportunity Pork Groups
  • One contract labor specialist who recruits, trains, hires, and evaluates staff for local livestock operations.
  • Three special consultants on cattle nutrition within easy reach.
  • One manure management specialist to ensure producers have the ability to stay DNR-compliant.
  • And, a total systems approach to livestock production that helps our customers manage all the factors that influence profitability.

Feed Division Mission Statement
Farmers Coop Society (FCS) Feed Division is committed to supplying products and services that meet or exceed customer requirements and expectations through continual improvement of our people, products and processes.