Jeremy Ferguson

Western Division Agronomy Operations Manager

I grew up in Hooper, Nebraska and I have a long history working in Agriculture. I started working for Farmers Coop Society in 2013. I started working for Fremont Grain Inspection Service in 1999. In 2006, I became the grain operations leader for Maxyield Cooperative's Algona location where I oversaw a 1.5 million bushel facility. I became the grain superintendent for Farmers Cooperative Company in Hinton in 2009. While there, I oversaw a 5 million bushel facility, loaded 110 car shuttle trains and helped other locations with inventory record keeping. In 2013, I joined Farmers Coop Society as the dry fertilizer plant supervisor. I ran the dry fertilizer plant, helped in the chemical shed and helped run the seed treater. And then in 2016, I became the Western Division Agronomy Operations Manager. My favorite part of my job is it’s always changing, always evolving. Every day is different and is a constant adventure.