"Bringing the next generation back to the farm."

The Farmers Coop Society Feed Division provides a total systems approach to livestock production that helps our customers manage all the factors that influence profitability. We strive to get to know our customers and provide them with what they need to be successful. We have been very successful in creating programs that meet or exceed our customers ever-changing expectations. We take great pride in putting together opportunities that allow producers to bring the next generation back to the farm.

Feed Services

  • HACCP Certified, FSMA compliant, and Federally Licensed Feed Mills
  • Our swine team offers multiple contracting options on new and existing hog barns.
  • Opportunity Pig groups that allow our customers to partner in pigs and spread out their risk over multiple locations and times of year.
  • Swine Production team that will put together feed budgets, walk your barns, monitor health, mark fat hogs, and explore marketing options.
  • Contract labor specialist who recruits, trains, hires, and evaluates staff for local livestock operations.
  • Special consultants on feedlot and cow/calf nutrition along with a full line of record keeping options within easy reach. We also offer cattle partnering opportunities.
  • Manure management specialist to ensure producers have the ability to stay DNR-compliant.