FCS Annual Cow/Calf Meeting Was a Success!

Farmers Coop Society held our annual Cow/Calf Livestock Meetings on March 16th. We would like to start off by thanking everyone that attended our annual meeting. We had a great turn-out and some amazing food for super that night with a ton of good discussion amongst the group. Our presenters and speakers this year were Hurley and Associates Agri-Marketing of Brookings, SD, Dr. Drew Shain with Purina Animal Nutrition, and Dan Hosch with Zinpro. With everything the agricultural industry has been through recently, there was a lot of hot topics and talk about what directions things will be heading toward in the near future and some things we can each do to help our own operations be successful. 

Hurley and Associates brought a lot of thoughts and tactics to us that they use on the marketing side of things. They showed us marketing approaches as a “Business Minded Marketer” which is when your decisions are based off of logic and facts instead of emotion and opinions becoming a “Market Minded Marketer”. They walked us through how different marketing options, such as using a hedge or putt options, to help us capture more dollars in an uncertain market. 

Dr. Drew Shain talked to us about the new Purina Plus program. This program has come out with intentions of adding more value to cattle that are on a Purina approved starter program prior to selling into a feedlot setting. With this, Dr. Drew went over several good approaches to a successful starter program and ways to incorporate Purina products into different kinds of operations using feeds like Precon, Accuration, and Stress Care. 

Finally, we had Dan Hosch with Zinpro join us and cover some of their product line that we are using all the time. Dan mention how the Zinpro trace minerals worked in cattle’s body to accomplish a healthier calf and a better end product. He showed us that its not only very important to use adequate amounts of these trace minerals in high stress times of life, but also using them year-round to help prevent a set back in those high stress times. Products such as Availa 4 and Availa Zinc help boost the immune system to fight off the bad fungi and bacteria we don’t want entering the calf blood stream. In turn, we are going to raise a larger calf, have less foot problems, and have the ability to increase fertility in our cows. 

If you have any questions on cattle or would like to discuss any of these programs or starters, please give one of our knowledgable Beef Specialists. Between Vern and Cole, they have years of experience and would love to help you.