Free Wi-Fi!

Connecting our Communities with Free Internet Access

During this unprecedented time, we realize that people are at home now more than they’ve ever been before. People are home schooling their children, working from home, and video conferencing throughout the day and night, all requiring the critical connection of the internet. There’s been a high demand for internet connection and it’s more vital than ever before. 

However, we realize that internet access isn’t always possible in our some of our rural areas. With our communities need for connection and the limited access in mind, FCS is now offering free internet access at our locations during this time. 

We hope this allows you to feel more connected to people, provides your children the ability to complete their homework online, and a way to have a Telehealth appointment with your doctor if needed. 

How to connect:

All Farmers Coop Society’s locations will have designated parking spots where you can park and connect to the internet. We encourage you to stay in your vehicle while using the internet. 

To access the internet, pull up your wireless connection and click “FCS Guest”. When you connect, you will be taken to a web browser landing page. You will need to accept our terms and then click on the “Connect” button. 

Once you are connected you will be re-directed to our You will now be connected to the internet.

Please feel free to use the internet for as long as you need. However, we do ask that if there’s a line or others waiting to use the internet, please keep your session brief. 

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