Grain Marketing Meetings

Farmers Coop Society held our 2019 Grain Marketing Meetings January 23rd and 24th. These meetings featured Bruce Nelson. 

Bruce was able to shed some light on the markets for the producers. With the markets being slow, we were able to give our producers a couple of different marketing strategies. If you haven't started marketing for the year, now is the time. 

Our first program allows the producer the price some grain on the hill sin the market and ultimately, gives an average price for new crop next fall. 

Another program we offered, gives up to a 0.20 cent premium above December futures right now, as long as you stay within the perimeters of the program. 

We have various Grain Marketing Contracts and want to help you find what works best for you and your operation. 

Find our current Grain Contracts here: Grain Contracts or call 712-722-7671 and ask for Elliot Benson.