New & Innovative Planter Technology

Corn rootworms have your fields feeling down? Find a better and safe way to help control them using SmartBox+ soil-applied insecticide products and SIMPAS application system. The SmartBox+ application system allows you to own the furrow with precise application of granular inputs at-planting. The SmartBox+ uses SIMPAS technology that enables the SmartBox+ to dispense the targeted crop input at a specific rate at geo-referenced locations throughout the field. 

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How It Works

SmartBox + and SIMPAS technology is the next evolution in precision agriculture, allowing farmers to prescriptively apply multiple products in-furro simultaneously at planting. With SIMPAS, you pay only for as-applied acres, so you can profitably and sustainably address pressure areas that would otherwise go untreated.

SIMPAS also supports environmental stewardship with precise product application, fewer inputs per field, reduced worker exposure and forensic-quality traceability.

Easy to Use

SmartBox+ equipment is designed to fit a wide variety of planter makes and models with easy-to-install planter-specific brackets. No matter which planter you use, from Case IH to John Deer to Great plains to Kinze to White, there’s a bracket to fit it. The software is controlled by an ISO-based display with an intuitive user interface to maximize compatibility and convenience. 

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SmartBox+ Technology

SmartBox+ application system contains both metering and flow-sensing functions that ensure accurate application of SmartBox+ inputs at a wide range of rates and speeds. Through patented, state-of-the-art meters, SmartBox+ equipment will put your mind at east, knowing you’re applying exactly what you need, precisely where you need it – and you’ll have the as-applied data to prove it. 

Benefits include:

  • - Consistent and uniform application of prescriptive or whole field treatment
  • - Reduced waste
  • - Increased productivity

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Ready to change the way you plant? Our Precision Ag Division is ready to help you put together a plan that can help you utilize the many innovative solutions SmartBox+ has to offer! 

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