FCS Adds Innovative Products to Portfolio

FCS is strengthening its innovation and service portfolio with the introduction of PhycoTerra Superior Soil Microbial Foods and Voyagro bio stimulant fertilizers. These are cutting-edge products in agronomy, and we are excited to offer our growers solutions that can potentially grow yields and impact their ROI. At Farmers Coop Society, we are committed to leading our producers with innovation and excellence and these products are one way we do that. 

“At FCS, we understand technology is always evolving in agriculture. We strive to stay at the forefront of technological advances so we can help producers maximize every acre. By offering products like PhycoTerra and Voyagro, it allows us to give you the most optimal solutions and strategy for your crop plan” said Cody Van Drie, Elite and Innovation Consultant at FCS.

PhycoTerra products are specially designed to supercharge the seed microbiome, improving the ability for soil to provide necessary water and nutrients to the developing seed and ultimately improving crop yield. PhycoTerra has proven results on a variety of crops through testing across the major crop growing regions of the United States and Canada with an average yield increase of 6% and a proven success rate, taking yields and return on investment to the next level. 

Voyagro is a plant nutrition and performance product that helps corn, soybeans, wheat, and other crops overcome stress from drought and inadequate rainfall. This bio stimulant works well on highly managed corn acres where there is moisture stress prior to application or where moisture stress is anticipated. 

Please contact your local FCS Agronomist for more details on how PhycoTerra and Voyagro can fit into your operation! 

For more product specifications, click on the link below.