Meet our 2020 Agronomy Interns

Farmers Coop Society offers four paid Agronomy Internships each summer. FCS has been offering Agronomy Internships for over 10 years. Our program was developed so that students interested in agriculture can gain real-world experience and knowledge. Not only are they learning about different jobs and roles in agronomy, but they are an essential part of our FCS team, supporting and assisting our Agronomists during this fast-paced season. FCS strives to hire locally so we can continue to support the next generation of farmers. This past year, we had four Northwest Iowa interns, and one was a returning intern from 2019! 

Daniel Deboer

Daniel is our returning Intern from 2019. He grew up on his family farm outside of Sibley, IA, and currently attends South Dakota State University. He will be completing his senior year this December and will be coming back to FCS as our new Chemical Warehouse Manager in Sioux Center. Daniel will get his degree in Agriculture Systems Technology with a minor in Agronomy. This past summer, he has been working in Boyden and Little Rock with our local Agronomists as well as working with the Precision Ag Team. Daniel was able to start his internship a little early this year due to COVID-19 and was able to help our Precision Ag Team with service calls prior to planting season. During planting season, he drove a seed tender and helped deliver beans to our customers. Recently, he’s been working on his summer projects which covered a variety of topics: foliar trials on our test plots, Delta Force trials and its effect of emergence, stand counts, insect pressure and disease. He The results are not in on everything yet, but he is excited to see the harvest data. Daniel’s most surprising thing he learned this summer was how weed control can vary from year to year. He saw first-hand how one thing worked well last summer but that same thing didn’t always work this summer. Overall, he really enjoyed his last two summers interning here at FCS, and he can’t wait to start his career here this winter. 

Adison Evans

Adison is from Inwood, IA, and is currently studying Agriculture Science at South Dakota State University. She grew up around her family farm, and agriculture has always been a big part of her life. During the summer, Adison was working in our Sioux Center location helping one of our Agronomists, Mark DeKam, on a variety of projects this summer: scouting crops, delivering seed to customers, and even helping bill out seed. Her summer project was a study on rootworm beetle traps and how spray and rotation could have an impact on the beetles. Her favorite part of the internship was building the relationships with the employees here at FCS and the opportunity to learn and gain hands-on experience. After she graduates, Adison plans to move back around home and pursue a job using her degree, hopefully at a local Coop! 

Meredith Kellen

Meredith grew up in Alton, IA, and currently attends Iowa State University. She is majoring in agricultural studies and first heard about the internship at one of the career fairs at Iowa State last fall. Meredith first became interested in agriculture while growing up on her family’s farm. She also was an active participant in the Plymouth County 4-H for nine years. That participation helped her realize she wanted to work in the industry. This past summer, she has been helping our Sanborn Agronomist, Ben Van Beek. She’s been working on a variety of projects: seed treatment, stand evaluations, weed scouting, and scouting for aphids and rootworm beetles. But her summer project was a study on soil microbial activity. She really enjoyed the study and was visually able to see what was happening in the soil and how tilling, cover crops, and crop rotation can really affect activity in the soil. Her future plans include working in the Ag industry but is keeping her options open. Overall, Meredith enjoyed her experience as an intern at Farmers Coop Society and enjoyed working for a coop and helping our customers. 

Cecil Gylfe

Cecil grew up on a small farm outside of Elk Point, South Dakota SD, and has been interested in agriculture his entire life. He enjoyed working with his family and knowing that their farm had generations of family history. He attended Mitchell Technical Institute and majored in Ag Business. Cecil has been working out of our Ireton location and working closely with our two Agronomists, Mike Tiedeman and Aric Den Herder. Cecil’s summer included scouting fields, checking weeds, crop stages and soil moisture. His summer project was working on a biological trial called Ion Strike. This biological is meant to improve soil and plant health throughout the season. He was excited about the potential this product was showing but will have to see the final results at harvest. Cecil’s dreams for the future are to hopefully return to his family’s farm and continue that legacy for future generations.