Unlocking 300+ Bushel Corn

Yields have always been key to profit, and maximizing yields in 2022 is a low-risk, high-reward proposition. Many in-season management decisions can help you work towards unlocking 300 bushel corn that can lead to a large return on your investment.


Foliar Bio Stimulants

Bio-stimulant fertilizers like Voyagro can help mitigate plant stress by linking potassium with amino acids and peptides. This allows nutrients to move within the plant and accumulate proline and glycine betaine in plant cells. Voyagro can help drive yield potential when tissue nitrogen and potassium levels are adequate in the plant. It also contains nitrogen from amino acids along with soluble potassium. Click below to find out more about Voyagro.



Fungicides can impact yields beyond just disease control. High-end fungicides can mitigate crop stress which directly affects plant health. Under stress, plants will produce larger amounts of ethylene, leading to fruit ripening. Fungicides that contain additional plant health components, such as Miravis Neo, can help reduce this stress hormone and assist the plant when dealing with in-season stress. Click below to find out more about Miravis Neo.



Foliar Feeding

In-season foliar feeding can be an effective way to supplement key micronutrients. Identifying the nutrients and timing is the key to making this work. For corn, Zinc and Boron are usually the micronutrients of focus, and Brandt Smart Trio and Brandt Smart B-Mo are high-quality products proven to work.
Timing: key developmental times are at V5 and VT. V5 is when the plant determines rows of kernels, and VT is when ???? Watch below to find out more about Brandt micronutrient products!


Next Level Nitrogen Efficiency

Increase nitrogen efficiency and boost your yield potential with the biological product Utrisha N. This product naturally improves corn's ability to fixate nitrogen from the atmosphere and convert it to ammonium at no energy cost to the plant. 

Timing: VT-R2. Miravis Neo is a high-end fungicide with a good residual that can help with diseases. Click here to find out more about Utrisha. 



Foliar corn diseases such as Gray Leaf Spot, Rust, and Eyespot can rob yield in multiple ways. For disease control, the ideal timing for control is a VT-R2, high-end fungicide application with good residual like Miravis Neo.
Corn rootworm beetles, corn leaf aphid, and spider mites can be a problem in certain years. Make sure to scout or have an FCS agronomist scout for the precence of these insect pests prior to potential treatment to find out if it is needed or needs to be customized for the target pest.

Check out this video about why you should use a micronutrient product like Brandt Smart Trio and Brandt Smart B-Mo! 



FCS carries a large line of high quality and specialized products that when properly combined and well timed on the crop can help you unlock higher corn yields.

Contact your local FCS Agronomist to discuss the right recipe that fits your operation!