White Mold Hurting Your Yields? Try RightStart!

RightStart is a new seed treatment that can help soybean plants combat white mold (SWM) and sudden death syndrome (SDS). It contains multiple products built around Heads Up along with other modes of action to help reduce incidences and the effects of white mold, SDS and some other plant diseases by combining natural and synthetic fungicides and stimulants into one seed treatment. This combination not only helps at the start of the season, but will continue all year long. 

RightStart is designed to be able to mix well with a standard seed treatment options such as Warden CX that protects against costly seedling diseases such as phythophora, pythium, and rhizoctonia along with the insecticide portion that controls over wintering bean leaf beetle as well as provide soybean aphid suppression into the season. Right Start can also mix with a typical soybean inoculant such as Vault HP that are used to introduce new strains of rhizobia bacteria into the field with no negative effects.

Right Start gives you another important and budget friendly tool in the fight against white mold and SDS. Get your soybeans off to the Right Start to the growing season!

Talk to your local agronomist with questions and to book RightStart today! 

South Dakota: Tyson Martinmaas 605-460-2276
Ireton and Surrounding Areas: Mike Tiedeman 712-441-7046 or Aric Den Herder 712-441-5022
Sioux Center and Surrounding Areas: Mark De Kam 712-441-2123 or Paul Brentlinger 712-441-0065 or Josh Plueger 712-720-9831
Boyden and Surrounding Areas: Jesse Evans 712-360-1341
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