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Agronomy Services

FCS Employs Certified Crop Advisors

The success of FCS is driven by the success of our farmers therefore making the best possible agronomic recommendations is at our core. FCS employs a large number agronomists who are Certified Crop Advisors (CCA’s) to help us maintain high knowledge and ethical standards. The CCA program is a voluntary program that includes the need to pass exams, have relevant work experience, customer references, along with yearly continued education requirements.

The CCA program has also added additional specialty certifications including 4R Nutrient Management Specialist (4R NMS), Sustainability Specialist (SSp), and Resistance Management Specialist (RMS), along with Precision Ag Specialist (PASp). As the CCA program has evolved, FCS has committed to these enhanced certification standards by agronomists voluntarily adding some of these additional specialty certifications noted on our Agronomy Team biographies.

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Site Specific Ag

Utilizing technology to help achieve better ROI and advance business practices for our customers is important to us; the goal of our Site Specific Ag department is to turn precision ag into decision ag. To help accomplish this, we carry a full product line of hardware and software solutions from Ag Leader, Precision Planting, 360 Yield Center, Trimble, and Climate platforms. Beyond products, we offer many service choices including equipment related installation and troubleshooting and service plans, along with many agronomic services such as grid and zone soil sampling, creating recommendations through Premier Crop, nitrate soil and stalk testing, and remote imagery. From an economic standpoint, our Elite Crop Economics program is designed to help us better understand economics not only at the field level, but down to the sub-field level to help our customers make improved economic decisions.

Our core business is built around our High Road to High Yields strategy which is leading with sustainable agronomic, economic, and environmentally advanced technology solutions. It’s our belief that by being leaders in this area we can help our farmers' bottom line both today and into the future, which will lead to joint future success and long-term business sustainability. FCS has invested in products, equipment, facilities, and people to be a leader in this area and is committed to bringing the latest innovations to help support the adoption of these current and future tools.


Our seed partner brands include DEKALB, Asgrow, NK, Croplan Genetics, Brevant, and Credenz. These brands offer the best germplasm and technologies available on the market today. In addition to great brand name products, we offer choices of services such as bulk seed delivery, custom seed treatments, placement, and scouting services.

Our manure management service choices include writing new manure management plans, annual updates, record keeping, new barn sighting, site inspection assistance, NRCS EQUIP nutrient management planning, open feedlot permit assistance, manure testing, and grid soil sampling.