Our Growers - Their Stories

There are over 7.8 billion people in the world. There are 2.01 million farmers in America. Farmers Coop Society is proud to partner with over 3,000 local farmers.

Those 3,000 local farmers have the tough job of producing enough food for the world, doing it in a sustainable manner, all while creating a family legacy at the same time.

These are our growers. And these are their stories.

It's not just us providing for our families, it's us providing for consumers - for the world. - Mindi Hulshof


Hulshof Family Story

The Hulshof family story is one of many unique stories that come together to make the story of Farmers Coop Society.

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Mike Dorn's Story

There are several things that have made Mike successful over the years, one of those is being able to tell his story...

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Verlyn Raak's Story

Verlyn Raak and his family have been farming for generations...

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Hulstein Family Farms

Innovation means more than just techology to Michael Hulstin...

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My dad was very good at letting me try new things when I was young. It’s my turn to let my son make those decisions, see what happens and see what new ways there are to do things - Verlyn Raak