Our Growers - Their Stories

There are over 7.8 billion people in the world. There are 2.01 million farmers in America. Farmers Coop Society is proud to partner with over 3,000 local farmers.

Those 3,000 local farmers have the tough job of producing enough food for the world, doing it in a sustainable manner, all while creating a family legacy at the same time.

These are our growers. And these are their stories.

It's not just us providing for our families, it's us providing for consumers - for the world. - Mindi Hulshof


Schultz & Sons Story

The Schultz Family has a vibrant operation in the Melvin, IA area. It is an honor to share their story. 


John Larsen Story

John Larsen plays a vital role in the FCS community and we are proud to be able to share his story. 

Eric & Jessica Oolman's Story

“In my opinion, there’s no better way to raise your family. I’m proud of that we do at every step,” Eric Oolman.

October is Pork Month, FCS has the privilege of serving many excellent pork producers, among these producers are Eric and Jessica Oolman. The pork industry plays a vital role in the agricultural communities of Northwest Iowa and Southeast South Dakota. “The pork industry is special in this area because we have all of the resources here, we have buyers and the slaughterhouses, we have corn, that feeds the pigs, who then fertilize the ground for the corn,” (Eric). Through this Farmers Coop Society has developed methods to support farmers at every stage of the process, the Oolmans have gotten to experience this firsthand.

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Den Herder Family Story

The Den Herder Family is one of many families who work hard to ensure that our community continues to thrive. 

Vaughn & Ben Johnson's Story

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Innovation is an important piece to any successful agriculture operation. Often when individuals think of innovation, they think of technological advancements, but that isn’t always the case. Meet Vaughn and Ben Johnson, Alcester farmers, who are great examples of how the definition of innovation can be extended beyond electronics. “We try to use things that work, and if it stops working we try the next best thing. We always try to keep up with new chemicals and fungicides, a lot of times, we utilize our agronomist, Tyson Martinmaas, when deciding what to try next,” said Ben Johnson.

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Cover Crops, a Farmer's Perspective

As a grower the data or information you receive on field practices continues to increase every day. We understand the need for reliable sources of information to make informed decisions for your operations. Our featured farmers have shared their insights into cover crops and how they have changed their approaches to sustainable land management, unlocking new potentials for their fields. In agriculture, there's nothing quite as powerful as firsthand experiences and insights shared by fellow growers who have tested and implemented various techniques.


Maassen Family Story

The Maassens are a valuable piece of the local dairy industry. Improving the industry with their integrity and hard work. 

Jeremy Jansen's Story

The beef industry is a vital portion of the agricultural industry, and Farmers Coop Society is proud to be able to celebrate one of our many excellent beef producers, Jeremy Jansen. Jeremy and his family currently live outside of Sioux Center. Jeremy and his wife, Jennifer, have a son, Riley, and daughter, Reagan. Riley is currently a student at Iowa State University studying animal science, and his daughter, Reagan, will be starting at Augustana University in Sioux Falls, SD this fall. Along with his family, Jeremy operates a cow-calf operation on a Century Farm. He began his show cattle operation 30 years ago as an FFA project.

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Jason Diekevers's Story

Jason Diekevers is one of many valuable FCS members, and we are proud to share his story with you. 

Roger Feekes's Story

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Sustainability means something different to everyone, for Roger, “Sustainability gives us the opportunity to make a profit, return our profits back into the operation, and grow in more than acres. It means being able to give back to the community.” This is apparent in the way that he manages his operation, adding cover crops and being sure to make decisions with the next generations in mind. FCS is proud to be able to support Roger on his journey as a producer. Farmers Coop Society believes in working with our producers to ensure that the agricultural industry can remain a vibrant part of our communities for generations to come. This means staying on the cutting edge of agricultural innovation and sustainability practices.

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Hulshof Family Story

The Hulshof family story is one of many unique stories that come together to make the story of Farmers Coop Society.

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Mike Dorn's Story

There are several things that have made Mike successful over the years, one of those is being able to tell his story...

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Verlyn Raak's Story

Verlyn Raak and his family have been farming for generations...

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Hulstein Family Farms

Innovation means more than just techology to Michael Hulstin...

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My dad was very good at letting me try new things when I was young. It’s my turn to let my son make those decisions, see what happens and see what new ways there are to do things - Verlyn Raak