Get a clear, precise analysis of your on-farm activities and make smarter decisions using Elite Crop.

When margins are tight, everything you do on your operation matters. And making smarter decisions to

support return on investment begins with collecting, managing and interpreting your farm data.

Our personalized, insightful data analytics program, Elite Crop, is designed to help you farm with your bottom line in mind. Get an in-depth look at the ROI of your on-farm activities and work with an FCS agronomist to evaluate outcomes on a field-by-field, acre-by-acre, 60’x60’ block basis.

We also provide access to a secure, anonymized database of Elite Crop producers in your region—your privacy is our top priority, so we conceal the identities of individual operations and your data will always remain your data—to support benchmarking activities and better decision-making.

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How Do We Know What Paid off?

Elite Crop is rooted in making agronomic decisions including seed, fertilizer, manure, chemicals, and management practices. However, how do you truly know what paid off? Return on investment (ROI) is what really matters. If you invested in higher seeding rates in a part of the field, did it deliver the ROI? If you cut back on fertilizer in a part of the field, how did the economics turn out? In the past, we have been limited to whole field economics or by trying to determine ROI with a check strip of some sort. Elite Crop can break down ROI by operation, field, and even each 60-foot area in the field. This analysis even includes variable rate applied inputs like seed or fertilizer, which nothing else on the market today can do. By knowing your ROI spatially in the field, you can know for a fact what the ROI was in every part of the field and you can use those insights to make future adjustments to how you manage the field to maximize your profit.

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