"We are dedicated to providing great service and competitive grain market prices to our customers."

FCS Grain

We utilize 110,000 bushels of corn a day out of five feed mills which gives an opportunity to be aggressive in the market place. With that aggressiveness we offer different market strategies to ensure our patrons a great market advantage!

We have 10 grain locations across Minnesota, South Dakota, and Iowa. This allows us to better serve our patrons with an annual volume of 11 million bushels of beans and 39 million bushels of corn. We take pride in providing the best service to our growers. From grain marketing programs, direct shipping from the farm, a variety of grain contracts, a daily cash market texts, and our efficiency of our grain handling equipment.

Take a look at the contracts we offer below, but for more information contact your local Farmers Coop Society location or call 712-722-2671.

FCS Grain Contracts

Cash price and delivery period is established.

Establish basis and delivery period. Leave futures unpriced to be set at a later date.

Establish futures price and delivery period. Leave basis open to price at a later date.

Allows the elevator to store your grain to price at a later date.

FCS will quote a price to pick up grain at your facility and deliver it to market for you.

Grower delivers grain to a processor, a non FCS location, but still sells to FCS and is still eligible for FCS dividends.

Relative Strength Index Contract. This contract allows growers to be a technical trader. The RSI follows moves in the market and will score the moves based on a 0-100 point scale. Once the RSI hits 65 we will market the grain for you.

Provides the ability to market bushels every day at a premium above the current market and is willing to sell additional bushels.