Elevating Grain Facilities with Strategic Investments

The Board of Directors and Management of Farmers Coop Society are pleased to announce a multifaceted initiative, solidifying our dedication to efficiency and innovation. This plan involves the expansion of its grain handling capabilities at two of its locations: Sioux Center and Ireton. 

The Sioux Center and Ireton locations will undergo significant upgrades in grain facilities for Harvest 2024. FCS is set to invest in strategic upgrades, injecting vitality into operations with cutting-edge grain-handling equipment. This aims to significantly enhance grain handling speed and capacity, laying the groundwork for a seamless and expedited process for the producer. 

FCS recognizes the critical role time plays in agriculture, and these enhancements will optimize the speed of grain handling and significantly improve the handling capacity. Farmers will find themselves back in the field faster, ensuring maximum productivity during crucial harvesting periods. The construction of these projects will start this spring and will be up and running for Harvest 2024.

FCS is also proud to announce the expansion of its retail presence in Sioux Center. Breaking ground in the spring of 2024, FCS will open a new retail meat store set to open its doors in the fall of 2024. This venture was born from a deep commitment to FCS’s cooperative business model and a passion for supporting local farmers. FCS understands that the quality of the food we put on our tables directly impacts the livelihoods of those who work tirelessly to raise and produce it. That’s why they’ve embarked on this journey to create a haven for meat lovers and a platform to tell the stories of local farmers. The journey begins with locally grown and raised meat, carefully selected from local farms who share the same dedication to quality and sustainability. They take pride in our farm-to-table promise, ensuring that every cut we offer is fresh and sourced from your local Iowa farmers.