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At FCS, we value the safety and security of our employees. So, when the feed office knew they were in dire need of a new parking lot, they pulled together and did more than just talk about it.

The employees had several concerns they wanted to address with the parking lot. In the winter, the potholes would fill with snow and ice, in the summer, the potholes would fill with water when it rained making it very hard to keep their feet dry when entering and leaving. It was also very dark at night due to inadequate lighting.

The employees formed a committee comprised of Reba Klein, Melissa Johnson, Tom Olsen, and Kelly Zwell. They spent many hours doing research, collecting financial estimates, and preparing presentations and reports that highlighted their concerns.

Their proposal was presented to the Board of Directors in July of 2020. The Board agreed with the employees that a new lot was needed and construction began in September of 2020! The parking lot received a complete transformation. All the old concrete was removed and then the dirt was re-packed. It was sloped in a way so that the water would drain correctly to prevent potholes and cracks in the future. It was then replaced with all new concrete. The size of the parking lot was reduced in size but thanks to their strategic planning, they were able to make 19 usable parking spaces - which was more than the larger, pre-existing lot accommodated. They also added a light pole with a security light that shines very bright at night!

We take great pride in our employees when they take the initiative to make FCS a better and safer place to work. The parking lot not only serves those that worked in the feed office, but truck drivers and mill personnel as well. This employee-driven project is an example of how FCS employees showcase our core values – leadership, integrity, innovation, and accountability.