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Event Dates:

JANUARY 29, 2024:

Sanborn Community Building | 10am Meeting | Lunch to Follow

Boyden Community Building | 12pm Lunch | Meeting to Follow

JANUARY 30, 2024:

Sioux Center Main Office Basement | 10am Meeting | Lunch to Follow

Alcester Community Building | 12pm Lunch | Meeting to Follow

Meeting Agenda:

  • 2024-2025 Grain Marketing Outlook
  • JSA Select Program Offering
    • Presented by John Stewart & Associates

John Stewart & Associates:

Farmers Coop Society is proud to partner with John Stewart & Associates to bring you this marketing outlook and a new grain marketing option with JSA Select. JSA principals and commercial brokers bring vital insight to the decision-making process, having held key positions in commercial grain businesses where they were responsible for trading, hedging strategies, margin management, logistics and procurement.


JSA Select is a marketing tool that diversifies the decision-making process for producers with the goal of capturing the best futures price on enrolled bushels. In this program, JSA is tasked with the responsibility of setting the futures price for a producer’s forward cash contract.


  • Full transparency
  • Disciplined execution for a fixed bushel volume and defined delivery windows
  • No minimum volume requirements
  • Flexible delivery windows
  • 100% of bushels will be priced (no double-up or knock-out structures)

JSA Select is available for corn or soybeans.

FCS will cover more program information at our meetings.

Please RSVP by calling the Main Office at (712) 722-2671 by January 22nd!