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Innovation has helped get us to where we are today and will be a pillar in helping us get to where we want to be in the future. Farmers Coop Society recognizes this and instills this idea into what we do every day – it’s even in our Vision Statement: Leading Producers with Innovation and Excellence. FCS is always looking for ways to continuously improve our innovation and technology as a company.

Over the past few years, I have led our Elite Crop program and will continue to do so moving forward but have also added a few new job responsibilities. Ten to fifteen percent of my time will now be dedicated to researching innovative solutions that directly impact our producers. Researching and bringing in new, innovative products, practices, and ideas to our sales team and our customer base is the goal. Moving forward I will be offering 1-3 new innovative and cutting edge products to our producers each year. This will allow FCS to actively bring you some of the latest and most innovative products every growing season.

This 2021 season we have concentrated on a few innovative products we have some experience with, along with a couple brand new items: PMZ Dry, Voyagro, BlueN, Brandt Smart® B-Mo & Trio, and Ion Stryke.

  • PMZ Dry is a dry seed nutritional that improves early root growth and plant vigor and will replace the need for talc/graphite in your planter.
  • Voyagro is a plant stress mitigator, particularly great in drought stress conditions.
  • BlueN is a Bio Fertilizer that is foliar applied and helps the plant convert atmospheric nitrogen into plant usable ammonium.
  • Brandt Smart® nutrients are foliar micronutrients that help provide plant essential nutrients during specific growth stages.
  • Ion Stryke is a soil microbial amendment that helps improve breakdown of residue, mineralizing and recycling of nutrients, root zone protection, and increased nitrogen utilization.

A couple of the products to focus on as we head into the summer months would be Voyagro and the Brand Smart® nutrients.

  • Voyagro helps mitigate stress by aiding in the movement of nutrients throughout the plant. It is best used where tissue nitrogen and potassium are adequate and there is moisture stress currently or predicted. With 2021 starting out on the drier side, Voyagro could be a great t for your operation to help relieve moisture stress!
  • Brand Smart® nutrients are designed for maximum nutrient mobility, performance, and tank mix compatibility and contain CornSorb® Technology. Brandt Smart® B-Mo contains Boron and Molybdenum and is a great product to pair with a fungicide and apply to soybeans around the R3 stage. Boron is essential to new growth, pollination, and reproduction. Additionally, boron stabilizes cell walls, which provides plant structure and integrity. Boron also aids in nitrogen assimilation and root nodulation formation, which enhances nitrogen uptake and utilization. Molybdenum helps x nitrogen in legume crops.

Keep an eye out for more innovative solutions and talk to your local FCS agronomist to place your order today!