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When you first walk into the Feed Office in Sioux Center you immediately notice the noise. You think, this office is busy and then immediately you are greeted with a smile. That smile belongs to Tara Allen. Tara is one of our feed order writers. You can find her answering the phones, billing, and writing orders.

Tara Allen began with Farmers Coop Society in June 2016 after her brother-in-law mentioned that the feed office had an opening. Tara wasn’t looking for a new job but was swayed by the benefits package that helps her provide for her husband and four children. Like a lot of other employees that come to work at FCS, Tara doesn’t have an extensive Ag background. But that doesn’t mean she doesn’t know her way around a hog barn. In fact, one of the stories she likes telling is how her and her husband were helping her in-laws do chores while they were away one weekend. The kids had a sitter and Tara was thinking they could go on a date night. Well Travis had other plans. The hog chores needed to get done, so they spent their romantic date night at the hog barn. But don’t feel too bad, Tara did make him stop in Sioux City for dinner first.

Outside of work, Tara spends her free time with her family and her children. They love to get the smoker out on weekends, go camping in the summer, and take a family vacation every year. Tara’s husband, Travis is also an employee at Farmer’s Coop Society. He works at the Ireton Feed Mill as a Feed Mill Operator. One weekend a month they all travel east to Estherville. Travis is in the Iowa National Guard and has drill. Tara grew up in Estherville and her family still lives there so they are all able to enjoy some quality family time.

The next time you are calling into the feed office and Tara answers ask her about her second day of work. You will get quite the story.

If Tara is busy with a customer, Sara is there ready to help you.

Sara began her career at Farmer’s Coop Society as a seasonal scale operator in Ireton. Her husband, Russ, encouraged her to take the position. After harvest, she transferred over to the Feed Office. She loves how things are always busy and that things are fast-paced.

One thing Sara is responsible for is taking orders from our FAS system for our Finance groups. She says adding the FAS system has been a big help in the day-to-day order writing process. The FAS System simplifies the ordering process while reducing the number and duration of feed outages. Customers can automate their complicated and time-consuming task to ensure they’re getting the right feed at the right time.

On the weekends you will find Sara with her husband and their 5-month-old, Teddy. Her family still resides in Sioux City and her husband’s family lives in Cleighorn so they are either at one or the other playing Sequence or Cards Against Humanity.

If you call and Sara answers the phone, play a little game and see if you can guess the socks she’s wearing. Fun fact - she almost never matches them.

Reba Klein is the newest Feed Order Writer. She is originally from Farley, IA and met her husband, Tim, at a truck cruise in August 2016. Reba started at Farmers Coop Society in our Accounting Department but switched over to the Feed Office in April 2018. Reba really enjoys the fast pace environment at the feed office. She likes to be busy and she says the learning curve keeps her challenged. Tim also works at Farmers Coop Society. He is based out of Sioux Center in Grain.

When she’s not working you can find Reba painting, scrapbooking, or playing with her two dogs. She’s got a Basenji named Rex and a Pit Bull/Rat Terrier Mix named Benji. If it’s the weekend you might find her at a truck cruise and hanging out with Tim. Reba and Tim live in Tim’s grandfather’s acreage in Sioux Center.

One thing you will immediately notice about this group of women is how friendly they are and how willing they are to help. They often help each other if one is busy and the others have time. But when someone needs something around the office, these women are the first in line to see what they can do. The next time you see them, introduce yourself and ask how they are doing. Who knows, maybe you will be in for a treat and get one of Reba’s prized paintings. I’ve seen them and they are beautiful.