Member's Cut Groundbreaking

Sioux Center, IA – Farmers Coop Society (FCS), a cornerstone of support for local farmers since its founding in 1907, proudly announced the successful groundbreaking ceremony for its newest venture, Member's Cut, which took place on April 24th, 2024. 

Member's Cut, founded by FCS, is excited to showcase premium quality cuts of beef and pork sourced directly from our cooperative members to our local community and surrounding areas. This full-service meat shop is open to all customers, reflecting our cooperative system's pride in our members' work and farms. It's about supporting your community and contributing to a sustainable food supply chain.

"We are excited to introduce Member's Cut to our community and surrounding areas, offering premium-quality, locally sourced meat that highlights the dedication of our cooperative members," said Jen Sawyer, Director of Marketing and Communication at FCS. 

The groundbreaking event was attended by key stakeholders, including FCS's contractor, MBW, members of the FCS Board of Directors, Sioux Center City officials, and Senior Leaders from FCS.

"Our vision for Member's Cut is to be the heart of a sustainable, community-driven meat market," added Christian Fisher, the Director of Member’s Cut. "We aim to provide our customers with premium quality, locally sourced meat, ensuring that each cut is a testament to our local farmers' hard work and dedication. Our commitment to quality and sustainability is reflected in every cut, and we look forward to welcoming all customers to experience our premium offerings when we open later this year.”

Member’s Cut is anticipating opening during the fourth quarter of this year. For updates, promotions, and behind-the-scenes glimpses of Member's Cut, follow us on Facebook @Member’s Cut or visit our website at

About Farmers Coop Society (FCS):

Founded in 1907, Farmers Coop Society (FCS), a member-owned cooperative, has remained steadfast in its commitment to local farmers, providing them with a reliable and equitable platform to purchase and sell farm commodities. FCS encompasses four divisions dedicated to serving local farm producers: Agronomy, Feed, Grain, and How-to Building Center. With a mission of delivering Sustainable Ag Business Solutions, FCS continues to promote sustainability, integrity, and a member-centric approach in all its operations.

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