Proven Swine Management - Welcome Dr. Huisman!

Dr. Logan Huisman grew up on a farrow to finish hog farm a few miles east of Hospers, IA, where he spent a large portion of his childhood helping his father on the farm.

Upon going through undergrad and vet school at Iowa State University, he graduated from ISU with a Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine. As a veterinarian for the Proven Swine Management team, Dr. Huisman enjoys working with an elite team of service managers and caretakers to diagnose and prevent health issues in our barns as well as developing protocols to address potential health challenges before they impact the animals under our care. 

Dr. Huisman’s involvement with hogs has changed considerably over the years, from power washing buildings, to laboring a 2400-head barn, to now working as a veterinarian. His valuable experience gives him years of credibility and has grown his passion for hogs and the swine industry. 

Dr. Huisman really enjoys being able to play a part in making farming operations successful and profitable as well as building lasting relationships with the people that feed the world.

Proven Swine Management is a service that Farmers Coop Society has been offering for the past several years and has seen significant growth due to the demands of our customers. Recently, we have expanded our services, hiring a veterinarian to continue to meet our customers’ needs. 

Dr. Logan Huisman adds a dimension to our team we have not had in the past. Having this built into our management service is invaluable to our clients. Although we have a very knowledgeable staff, we appreciate the confidence of having a licensed professional with the expertise to make efficient, effective, and accurate decisions. Customers who entrust the care of their animals to our team know that we have a veterinarian on staff who will pick up the phone at any time and be able to explain complex things in a simple way. He is personable, conscientious, and eager to do what it takes to make operations successful and profitable. 

For several years, we have done our best to provide a comprehensive management service for our customers. Adding a veterinarian of Dr. Huisman’s caliber was key to that service. This past year, we added an application called EveryPig®, a system that replaces yardage sheets and allows our growers to enter daily checkup information into an online application. Dr. Huisman monitors this application daily in order to respond to issues in real-time, communicating directly with those responsible for the site. Having him on staff to do this has increased response time to disease challenges and lowered further acute death loss incidences considerably. Dr. Huisman provides Veterinary Feed Directives for pigs under our care and performs Pork Quality Assurance site assessments to ensure our facilities are certified to send pigs to any packer. We feel that having Dr. Huisman on our team sets us apart from our competitors and provides additional confidence in our team. We are happy to have him!