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It’s that time of year again when we have to start shoveling snow off our sites. Depending on how much we get and how hard the wind blows can determine how long it takes us to clean them out. Here are some tips on snow removal that will help us be more efficient when delivering your feed:

1. Please make sure the snow is moved as far away from the bulk bins as possible. We have some trailers that are front unloading, so snow piled right by the bins can be an issue.

2. If for some reason you can’t get the snow moved right away on the day your feed is to be delivered, please let one of the order writers know so that we can move your order back. However, please remember we can’t haul all the feed out in the afternoon after a snow occurrence.

3. This year has been unseasonably warm so far. So with that has come a lot of rain and melting snow that causes ice built up at the sites. It doesn’t take a lot of ice for an empty truck and trailer to get stuck on. So please be aware of this and spread some sand or salt down especially in areas that have icy inclines to get off the site.

When we keep our sites clean and we can keep our trucks from getting stuck, then we can get all the feed delivered in a timely manner.

Thank You for all the work you do during the winter months to keep the sites cleaned so the animals can get feed.