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Without a doubt, we still need to focus on striving to maximize our livestock’s potential. Our goal is always to boost our calves' potential as they come in to have them in the most ideal condition as we go forward, pushing cattle to the highest caliber. Starting cattle is highly critical as we bring them in, and setting up those first couple weeks for success is our main goal.

The single most important job of a starter feed is to get calves to eat. Getting fresh calves to eat from day one can help equip their immune systems to better deal with stress and improve their chance to stay healthy. Palatability is extremely important when making a feed selection because it’s what drives calves to start and continue eating. A less palatable feed might take a calf three days to really start consuming. That would be 72 hours when a calf ’s energy and protein reserves are depleting and their immune status is in jeopardy.

Farmers Coop Society and Purina have put together an extremely high-quality lineup of starter programs where you can select a self-fed or hand-fed starter feed based on your labor resources, feeding facilities and performance goals. Complete feeds and supplements are available based on your existing forages. The Purina starter line contains RX3 Immune Support Technology which does more than provide high-quality nutrition.

RX3 primes the immune system to address calf health stressors and respiratory challenges head-on. RX3 is designed to Recognize disease sooner, Respond appropriately, and Return to optimal health.

RX3 Immune Support Technology is:
  • A precise combination of prebiotics, probiotics and plant extracts
  • Included in all Purina Precon and Purina Accuration Starter complete feeds and Purina Stress Care 5 supplement feeds
  • Not a medication; no Veterinary Feed Directive required (medicated Purina starter complete and supplement feeds are still available and require a VFD)
  • A complement to respiratory vaccination programs

Research shows calves fed Purina starters with RX3 Immune Support Technology compared to control calves:

  • Had less variation in average daily gain and were more uniform
  • Gained 6 pounds more, on average, within a 30-day period
  • Bounced back faster (when encountering health challenges) and looked healthier quicker

Achieving more healthy calves helps minimize labor and costs, putting more potential dollars back in your pocket. This is what we believe in and this is why RX3 has been incorporated into our starters. Using starter feeds with RX3 is a great opportunity to maximize your livestock’s potential to reach your goals of raising cattle at the highest caliber.

If you have any questions on RX3, please give me a call.