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There are big things happening in the grain division at Farmers Coop Society. Our mission is to be a leader in innovation and excellence. Over the past year, our relentless pursuit of efficiency has driven us to initiate significant enhancements at multiple key locations, including Ireton and Ritter.

Streamlining Operations with Cutting-Edge Scale System at our Ireton Location

At our Ireton locations, improvements are being made to the entire scale system. This fall, Ireton will house an inbound and an outbound scale, along with an RFID system. This will drastically decrease wait times and allow you to get back in the field faster.

Elevating Storage and Receiving Capabilities at Ritter

The Ritter location has undergone a major overhaul. The location will soon feature a 1,000,000-bushel ground piling structure equipped with aeration and base fill functionalities. Beyond these storage enhancements, Ritter will welcome a 20,000-bushel-per-hour receiving conveyor and a 1,200-bushel dump pit. These upgrades will redefine the pace and efficiency of your grain handling process.

Union Grove offers Speed and Efficiency for Growers

The largest project to be completed this fall is the brand-new Union Grove facility in South Dakota. This new location will hold 2,500,000 bushels in flat storage, with a lighting-fast 30,000-bushel-per-hour grain receiving leg alongside a high-capacity 1,200-bushel dump pit. The location will also feature inbound and outbound twin scales with a OneWeigh RFID controller, ensuring a quick turnaround – from scale in, dump, to scale out – all achieved within an impressive 5-minute timeframe.

These are just a few highlights of the improvements coming harvest 2023! As the excitement builds and the countdown to Harvest 2023 begins, we extend a warm invitation to experience firsthand the revolutionary grain facility upgrades that define the future of efficient grain management. See you soon!