0% Interest Until January 2024 on Fungicides!

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Delay Billing Available

FCS is offering a simple, 0% interest, delay billing option to customers for fungicide applications with no extra paperwork or hoops to jump through. Aerial application, ground application, and farmer application as well as all products in the tank mix qualify for this offer. If you have an up-to-date FCS account, it can be due to pay January 15th, 2024. Take advantage of no interest in the current high interest rate environment!

Maximize Yield, Minimize Stress, and Improve Return on Investment

The 2023 season only has a few input decisions left that have the potential to truly impact your corn and soybean yields. Fungicides, insecticides, foliar nutrient applications, and other foliar stress additives have proven to have a big impact on your ROI. Get the bushels, improved plant health, and risk protection now, pay later! 

Manage Crop Stress

Certain fungicides can help crops manage heat and drought stress. In addition to fungi, insect pressure can amplify stress; Effectively controlling insect pests can result in sizable yield protection. Key foliar micronutrients and biologicals are another great tool to mitigate in-season plant stress.

Ask your FCS agronomist for more information:

South Dakota:

  • Tyson Martinmaas 605-460-2276

Ireton and Surrounding Areas: 

  • Mike Tiedeman 712-441-7046
  • Aric Den Herder 712-441-5022

Sioux Center and Surrounding Areas: 

  • Mark De Kam 712-441-2123
  • Paul Brentlinger 712-441-0065
  • Josh Plueger 712-720-9831

Boyden and Surrounding Areas: 

  • Jesse Evans 712-360-1341

Ritter/Sheldon and Surrounding Areas: 

  • Ryan Dobbins 712-348-1975

Sanborn and Surrounding Areas: 

  • Ben Van Beek 712-348-5253 

Melvin and Surrounding Areas: 

  • Jerry Stessman 712-348-1383

Minnesota/Little Rock and Surrounding Areas: 

  • Shane Kleinwolterink 712-441-5346