Free Delayed Price

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FCS will be offering Free Delayed Price beginning 1/4/21. Read More

Condo Storage Provides Tax Depreciation Benefits

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Member investors keep the benefit of tax depreciation for the bin (share) ... Read More

New Precision Ag Products!

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This Fall has been an exciting time in the equipment market. The companies ... Read More

Ag Leader Launches New Products


Ag Leader has launched a few new products! Introducing SteerCommand Z2 and ... Read More

Potential Changes in Your Manure Analysis

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I recently took a manure sample on a hog barn that has had annual testing ... Read More

Making Profitable Fertilizer Decisions

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Elite Crop can help take you to the next level of improving your ... Read More

Agronomy Fall Safety Field Day 2020


On Wednesday September 16th, the FCS Agronomy department did a new first ... Read More

Fall 2020 Magazine: Company Comments from your CEO

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We just finished the 2020 year for FCS and, while we are still crunching ... Read More