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At Farmers Coop Society we strive to support our growers in as many ways as possible. One of the ways that we do this is by providing access to beneficial programs, including a variety of carbon credit programs.

We have partnered with Truterra for multiple years and have found them to be a trusted partner for our growers.

Every year Truterra offers a variety of programs to maximize the ROI of individual growers. This year they are offering programs designed to help growers profit on the conservation practices they have already implemented. These practices include, no till and strip till, cover crops, reduced tillage, high-speed disking, and more. Implementing new conservation practices for crop year 2024 will also qualify you for the carbon credit program.

Truterra has also introduced a program partnering with USDA, offering financial assistance to growers implementing new conservation practices for crop year 2024. This cost share program is offered to growers for up to $80/acre up to 160 acres in a single field.

Programs are now available! Don’t leave money on the table and call Jeff Koops at (712) 441-1352 to learn more!

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