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For the last year, Farmers Coop Society has been partnering with Truterra, a farmer-driven cooperative established in 2016 with a mission to help farmers advance and accelerate their stewardship practices. Accessing new markets and new revenue options is part of our mission at Farmers Coop Society so partnering alongside Truterra came naturally for us.

Jeff Koops, our Sustainability & Nutrient Management Specialist (TSP), worked hand in hand with our growers this past year on various programs and carbon offerings from Truterra. These programs are paying our growers for various practices they are already doing in their operations. Some of these practices are planting cover crops, reducing any type of tillage practice, or going no-till in fields.

The program recently paid our growers for their carbon credits and these are the results. From our first offering with Truterra, our growers received a total payout of $81,114.00. We had 4,565 acres enrolled in the program and sequestered a total of 4,055.72 metric tons of CO2e. Congrats to our 10 growers who participated in this program!

Farmers Coop Society will continue to strive to lead our producers with innovation and excellence, and we are proud to be able to access new markets, products, and services for our producers.

If you are interested in hearing more about new sustainable programs or other carbon offers from Truterra, please add your information below. We will add you to our contact list, and Jeff will include you in any communication on ways you could earn additional profits for practices you are already doing.