Truterra's New Carbon Offering

Earn $25 per ton for new carbon stored from practice changes in crop year 2021.
Earn $15 per ton for new carbon stored from practice changes in crop years 2019 and 2020.
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Get a real-time return on investment while protecting your farm's future with Truterra.


Q. What is Truterra doing for carbon in 2022?

A. The 2022 Truterra carbon program will pay farmers up to $25 per ton for the additional carbon stored over the past three years through the adoption of practices known to increase soil carbon levels, including complete no-till, strip-till, reduced till and continuous soil cover (cover crop, double cropping, use of perennials).

Q. What is the payment amount for the 2022 Truterra carbon market access program?

A. The Truterra carbon market access program is a $2/acre incentive for eligible practices to align with the Truterra carbon program early and be the first in line for future carbon offers

Q. What are qualifying management practice changes? 

A. Qualifying management practice changes include new implementation of reduced/no-till and/or cover crops. 

Q. How will Truterra determine how much carbon is in my field? 

A. Soil organic carbon levels will be measured using both crop modeling, as well as in-field sampling. Truterra will cover the cost of soil sampling on the fields they seek to enroll in the program to evaluate soil carbon levels. Soil sampling data will then be evaluated along with historic data on soil management practices to determine how much of the sampled carbon is the result of the regenerative practices

Unsure if you qualify? Click HERE to fill out the 30-second survey. This survey will check your eligibility and get you started. Don't wait - surveys must be completed by June 30th to participate in this year's carbon offering.

Q. What if I have been practicing conservation for more than three years? Can I participate? 

A. No. At this time, Truterra is only able to compensate farmers for carbon removal within the past three years. Farmers who have been engaging in these practices for more than three years are not eligible for this offer but are encouraged to register for information on future soil health opportunities at

Q. I have been considering adopting these practices, but I have not yet started. Can I participate in the Truterra carbon market access program? 

Yes. Farmers who begin implementing qualified practices in fall 2021 or later qualify for the Truterra carbon market access program and can earn $2 per acre while maintaining all carbon rights. 

Do you have more questions about the carbon offering? Contact Jeff Koops at 712-441-1352 or email him at

Find out More

Truterra will be hosting two webinars throughout the enrollment period. If you are interested in attending, please register through the links below.

June 7 at 8:00 AM CST: Registration Link

June 21 at 6:00 PM CST: Registration Link