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I hope all are doing well as of this writing and that you have managed to get through what seems like an endless winter unscathed.

I am pleased to say that your coop is continuing to make progress against our objectives of improved asset and transportation efficiency, as we support these initiatives with specific employee-led programs and capital investments across all business units.

As many of you are aware, we introduced a Grain Condo Storage Program this fall to gauge interest and articulate the many benefits of these programs to both members and FCS. This program is now complete and we are currently signing up interested members in Iowa and South Dakota. The Grain Condo Storage Program will be constructing new bins this spring in Alcester, SD and Melvin, IA. Both will be ready to take grain at harvest this fall. Ownership in these programs will allow you to deliver grain to any FCS location and avoid storage charges on your grain condo shares purchased. For more information on this program please call the FCS Main Office

Let's hope by the time you read this that we are close to finalizing this year's crop plans, and to that end I hope you are utilizing the expertise of our FCS agronomists. Our team is second to none in their knowledge of products and how to put together the best package (Fertility, crop protection, varieties, scouting, etc.) to maximize the profit per bushel on your acres. We have also invested in our agronomy operations over the last year to ensure we can meet your needs for timely application and precise delivery of product.

One last thought before you head to the field this spring...have you put together your 2018 and 2019 crop marketing plans? If not, strongly consider setting your sales targets and putting market offers in with us so we can watch the markets for you. That way when those market rallies come between now and July you will increase you likelihood of getting grain sold at your target levels and not miss intraday spikes that often give you the best selling opportunities.

Be safe this spring!

-John McDaniel