Company Comments from your CEO

It has been quite a ride so far in 2019 with the weather, foreign trade policy uncertainty and grain market volatility we have experienced. All of this volatility and uncertainty puts even more emphasis and importance on utilizing the risk management tools we have available to assist you with. Whether it be putting together a grain marketing plan, managing feed cost volatility, financing inputs, putting together a comprehensive crop management plan or managing fertilizer price risk, we have the expertise and tools to help you navigate through this uncertainty. Please take advantage of these services, as they have been developed for your benefit. 

If you’ve been in the Melvin or Alcester areas lately, you’ve likely noticed there is a shiny new object on the horizon—the new bins at these locations are up and the conveying equipment installations are being completed. As a reminder, we have grain condo shares available for purchase in Iowa and South Dakota, and with the upcoming harvest, this is a great way to add storage to your farm operation without having to put a bin up yourself. For more details on this program, call Matt McCord at the main office in Sioux Center. 

You have heard a consistent theme of efficiency improvement over the last 18–24 months when it comes to our capital assets and processes, and this will continue to be a focus for us in all areas of the business long-term. Any time we have a need to replace worn-out equipment, we focus on opportunities to add automation and improve costs with the new capital. Continuous improvement is what it’s all about! 

I hope you have noticed an improvement in the appearance of our facilities over the last several months, as our team has done a nice job of improving the focus on housekeeping (internal and external) and general upkeep. The employees at FCS take great pride in being part of this organization, and we want this to show through in the appearance of our facilities. 

The communities we work in are an important part of who we are as an organization, and supporting these communities through employee volunteering, financial assistance and simply being a good corporate citizen are all things we have been putting more emphasis on. I am proud of the level of involvement our team has with our communities. We are also increasing our support of the organizations that support and educate the next generation of farmers and agriculture leaders. 

I hope everyone has a safe and successful harvest (let’s hope frost holds off until October), and, as always, we will be ready to do our part to make your harvest as efficient as possible. 

Written by: John McDaniel