Fall 2020 Magazine: Company Comments from your CEO

We just finished the 2020 year for FCS and, while we are still crunching through the numbers and finalizing some details, it looks to be a good year for your cooperative. What a difference a year makes. With a good fall in 2019 and excellent planting weather this spring, it set us up for a very nice crop this year and benefited our operations. 

We are expecting big crops across our trade territory and are positioning our locations to handle the increased volumes this fall. We are in the process of adding outside scale ticket printers to all of our locations to improve traffic flow, reducing your wait times. You will now be able to grab a copy of your scale ticket without leaving the cab of your truck or waiting for a copy to be brought out to you. As a reminder, sign up for our electronic ticket options, either by text or email…an even better way for you to get quick notification of loads delivered (while in the cab of your combine) and improved electronic record keeping. 

Grain condo storage shares are available for purchase again this year for FCS members, a great option to increase your owned storage without having to add bins to your farm location. With condo share ownership, you can deliver against your shares at any FCS location. Call Matt McCord at the Sioux Center main office for details. 

Our feed operations have held up well so far this year through these extremely challenging livestock markets. I have heard the word “unprecedented” too many times since March; however, the disruptions seen this year with local and regional livestock and food supply chains truly have been without precedent. We will continue to assist all of our customers in all ways possible as we work our way back to normal in these markets. There is some light visible now at the end of this tunnel. 

Please reach out to our grain marketing team to review marketing and risk management options for the 2020 crop. With large national crops expected and a strong, front-end loaded soybean export program, it will be a very challenging year to market grain in. 

FCS will have a number of new financing options available to customers starting this fall for crop inputs. With fertilizer prices at historically low numbers and an early harvest in front of us, fall application of fertilizer is a very attractive option this year. 

Stay safe this harvest season, and thank you again for allowing us the opportunity to earn your business! 

Written by: John McDaniel