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Conservation Practice Changes Will Make you Money!

Learn more about how you can receive up to $50,000 pay out through Truterra and the USDA.

For the 2025 season, Truterra is offering financial assistance backed by the USDA for farmers who are adopting new conservation practices.

Program Details:

  • $80/ac for adopting cover crops
  • $20/ac for adopting strip/no-till

This offer is available for up to 500 acres per farmer across one or more field boundaries.

Sign up for the Truterra financial assistance program is available August 1st, 2024, through November 1st, 2024.

This program may be stacked with the Truterra carbon program and may be eligible for additional state funding.

Cover crop must be purchased through Farmers Coop Society to access cover crop program benefits and must follow NRCS practice standards.

Click here or call Jeff Koops at (712) 441-1352 or Josh Plueger at (712) 720-9831 to learn more and sign up!