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Thank you to all our patrons that have made Farmers Coop Society a success for over 100 years! A cooperative is a business that is owned, run, and operated by its members, in other words, you, our patrons are Farmers Coop Society. Unlike most businesses, cooperatives are a team effort between its employees and member patrons. Cooperatives were started to help members achieve goals they could not economically obtain on their own.

Part of serving our patrons is making sure we are providing the best of the best, sometimes this means accessing other resources. As a cooperative Farmers Coop Society is also a member of coops such as Coop Gas and Oil, Do It Best, AGP, Land O’Lakes, CHS, CoBank, Cooperative Credit Company, and SELC. These memberships come with several benefits, many of which mirror the benefits that our members experience when doing business with FCS. Farmers Coop Society receives patronage, market access, and financing options from several of these cooperatives. Beyond this, being a member of a cooperative gives us the opportunity to impact our local community in a big way! For instance, these corporations often offer donation matching programs, allowing us to give back double to our community. Similarly, some of these cooperatives provide scholarship opportunities for our interns. All of this factored together, increases FCS’s impact and competitive edge, which in turn benefits our producers.

Coop members everywhere benefit from their cooperatives, at FCS we strive to go above and beyond the standard. Farmers Coops Society has quality character at its core; we stand firm on our core values, leadership, innovation, integrity, and accountability. These aren’t just nice words we say, this is what we believe, these very standards have kept Farmers Coop Society alive since 1907. Our farmer members have made FCS great throughout the years. We are proud of the tenacity of our community of growers. Thank you to all the individuals that have made this possible, we look forward to the many years to come!