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Slight changes to your field management can make big differences on the effectiveness of your weed control and potentially reduce your costs.

• Long-term soil health benefits

• Improved productivity of your soil

• Protect your investment in your land as well as commercial and/or manure-based soil fertility

Why Choose Cover Crops?

  • Hold valuable soil and nutrients in place
  • Provide new forms of weed and disease control
  • Positively impact water quality

How Can you make Cover Crops Work?

  • Know what you are buying
  • Choose the correct species and application method
  • Know the laws and common best practices

FCS offers a variety of Cover Crop options:

FCS carries a full line-up of state licensed cover crops, as well as, custom seeding options that include custom drilling, aerial application, high clearance air seeding ground application, and broadcast seeding.

Contact your trusted FCS Agronomist for more information:

Ireton and Surrounding Areas: Mike Tiedeman 712-441-7046 Aric Den Herder 712-441-5022

Sioux Center and Surrounding Areas: Mark De Kam 712-441-2123 Paul Brentlinger 712-441-0065 Josh Plueger 712-720-9831

Boyden and Surrounding Areas: Jesse Evans 712-360-1341

Minnesota/Little Rock and Surrounding Areas: Shane Kleinwolterink 712-441-5346

Ritter/Sheldon and Surrounding Areas: Ryan Dobbins 712-348-1975

Sanborn and Surrounding Areas: Ben Van Beek 712-348-5253

Melvin and Surrounding Areas: Jerry Stessman 712-348-1383

South Dakota: Tyson Martinmaas 605-460-2276

Site Specific Ag Team: Kevin Rozenboom 712-441-3453 Cody Van Drie 712-348-4064 Scott De Jong 712-229-2968