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Receive a discount on all manure samples brought in for testing during that week!

As fall approaches and the crops are maturing, it’s time to start thinking about fall manure application and putting down the needed nutrients for next year’s crop. Manure tanks and spreaders will soon be a common sight out in the country, but before this happens, it’s essential to know the nutrient content of your manure before you apply.

Utilizing your manure to the best of it’s ability is essential. Nutrient content of pits and stockpiles can differ greatly year-to-year, so knowing what you are applying is important—not only environmentally, but also economically. Manure sample results can vary due to a change in diet, age of livestock, weather, pit additives, etc. There can be a huge variation in results from barn to barn. Personally, I have seen nitrogen results range from 25 pounds/1000 gallons all the way to 90 pounds/1000 gallons in finishing barns. This is a huge variation and a good reason to sample your manure.

If collected correctly, samples taken before pumping/spreading give you a very close representation of what to expect when you do apply the manure. If you want a more exact sample, taking another sample during application will give you those results. Sampling prior to application allows you to determine the correct application rate prior to actually applying the manure. This can help alleviate any under- or over-application and will allow you to better utilize the manure you have available while covering the most acres possible.

Manure sampling is a simple and economical test that tells you what nutrients are available to you in your manure. If you are looking to have a pit or stockpile tested, give me a call and I will come out and take samples. If you have samples you want tested, bring them in to me or any of our locations and we can have results back within a week.

Also, have you heard about FCS IMPACT, our new agronomy and grain rewards program? Manure sampling and manure management plans are incorporated into this program, which launched in August. If you already test your manure or have a manure management plan, call your FCS Agronomist or Grain Marketing Specialist to see if you qualify!

Written by: Jeff Koops