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Do you strive for more yield? There are many things that go into getting more yield. Everyone works hard on the big yield drivers, but sometimes we forget the small things. The producers that chase high yields do the big things right, but also focus on the small things, such as foliar nutrition. A new product line that Farmers Coop Society will be stocking and promoting is BRANDT® foliar nutritional products to help with the little things, such as micronutrients.


Foliar feeding is an efficient way to supply nutrients to crops during critical growth stages. Applying micronutrients to a plant allows it to immediately absorb the nutrients. By doing this, it helps promote better overall plant health and increased yield potential. Your soil may have all the nutrients that the plant needs, but the plant isn’t always able to take them up. Foliar feeding helps to bridge this gap.


BRANDT® products are formulated with a surfactant system that is based on corn sugar. This allows it to stick to the leaf surface for better absorption. By being a corn-derived sugar, the plant is able to recognize it better. This helps with better translocation in the plant.

BRANDT® products are well-recognized in the industry. Some of you may have heard of Randy Dowdy, who is a well-known local and national yield champion and consultant for corn and soybean production. Randy has been using and working with BRANDT® over the past few years on the goal of increasing his yields through improved nutritional programs through BRANDT® foliar products.

BRANDT® Smart Trio®

BRANDT® Smart Trio® is the product that Farmers Coop Society is recommending to apply to your corn at the V5–V6 crop growth stage. At this stage of growth, the corn is having the ear shoot initiated, after which the number of rows of kernelis being determined on the ear. A BRANDT® Smart Trio® application will help to maximize the potential of the corn plant at this critical period. BRANDT® Smart Trio® includes a blend of nitrogen, sulfur, boron, manganese, and zinc.


BRANDT® Smart B-Mo™ is the product that Farmers Coop Society is recommending to apply to your soybeans at the R3 growth stage. The R3 growth stage of soybeans is the critical period of flower momentum, pod set, and retention, and eventual seed formation. A BRANDT® Smart
B-Mo™ application will help at the reproduction period and help with flowering and grain set. BRANDT® Smart B-Mo™ includes a blend of boron and molybdenum. Farmers Coop Society is promoting BRANDT® products to help with the little things that go into obtaining higher yields. Please contact your local Farmers Coop Society Agronomist for more details.

Written by: Ben Van Beek, Agronomist
Certified Crop Advisor; 4R-NMS, SSp, RSp, PASp