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3 Part Formula

  1. Plant health + Stress mitigation
  2. Crop nutrition at key times
  3. Avoiding yield robbing pests

Corn Plant Health + Stress Mitigation

Think of the corn plant like a factory, you want that factory to run at maximum effeciency and output. From an in season perspective, there are some unique products that if well timed can have large impacts on yield.

Foliar Bio Stimulants

Bio stimulants fertilizers like Voyagro from Winfield can help mitigate plant stress in corn linking potassium with amino acids and peptides which help it move within the plant. Voyagro can help drive yield potential when tissue nitrogen and potassium levels are adequate in the plant.

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YieldON is a NEW late season bio-stimulant that is a unique mix of three different plant extracts with two effective modes of action that improves the transport of sugars and other nutrients in the plant and promotes cell division.

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Fungicides can impact yields beyond just disease control which was proven without a doubt during the dry 2022 season. High end fungicides have a level of crop stress mitigation that directly impact plant health. Under stress, plants will produce the larger amounts of hormone ethylene which is the same hormone that leads to fruit ripening in plants. Fungicides that contain additional plant health components such as Miravis Neo can help reduce this stress hormone and therefore assist the plant when dealing with in season stress.

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Crop Nutrition at Key Times

In season crop nutrition hinges on the corn plant having key nutrients at key development stages.

Foliar Feeding

In season foliar feeding can be a very effective way to supplement key micronutrients for the crop. The focus to make this work effectively is understanding what nutrients are the most important, and then what timing will be the most beneficial to achieve maximum response.

In corn, the most common micronutrient needs are with Zinc and Boron. One important step is using a high-quality micronutrient product like Brandt Smart Trio.

Proper timing is the other key. Corn the key developmental times are at V5 and VT, physiologically during V5 that plant has a high need for key micronutrients, especially Zinc and Boron while the plant is determining the number of rows of kernels. During VT (tassel) staging, the plant has a high need for Boron in addition to high macronutrient consumption.

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Next Level Nitrogen Efficiency

Increase nitrogen efficiency and boost your yield potential with the biological product, Utrisha™ N. This product naturally improves corn’s ability to fixate nitrogen from the atmosphere and converting it to ammonium at no energy cost to the plant.

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Avoiding Yield Robbing Pests

Foliar corn diseases such as Gray Leaf Spot, Rust, Eyespot, along with the new potential threat of Tar Spot can rob yield in multiple ways. For disease control, the ideal timing for control is a VT-R2 high-end fungicide application with good residual like Miravis Neo.

Corn rootworm beetles, corn leaf aphid, spider mites can be a problem in certain years. Make sure to scout or have an FCS agronomist scout for the presence of these insect pests prior to potential treatment to find out if it is needed or needs to be customized for the target pest.

FCS carries a large line of high quality and specialized products that, when properly combined and well timed on the crop, can help you unlock higher corn yields. To discuss the formula that best fits your operation contact your FCS agronomist.