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Farmers Coop Society is asking for your help! We are working on evaluating business strategies, services, and facility improvement projects. But before we implement those changes we want to make sure those align with our customer's needs. In order to understand your needs we will will be sending out a customer survey in a text message the week of January 18th.

This survey will only take about five minutes to complete and just for completing this survey, FCS will donate $10 to a Fire Department of your choice. The text message you receive has a link to the survey and you will be able to complete it directly on your mobile device.

The picture on the right is what you can expect the text message to look like. It will also include the the survey link.

We look forward to hearing your feedback and appreciate your willingness to help us! The goal is to help make sure we are meeting your needs!

If you missed the text message and are interested in sharing your feedback, please complete the form blow and a link will be sent you in a few days.