In Season Drought Tools

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So far 2021 has been a much drier than average growing season. Drought stress can certainly have a negative impact on crop yields and with our current corn and soybean prices, every bushel can mean a lot per acre taken away or put into your pocket. Here are a couple a tools that could make a difference this season.


It may seem odd to think that fungicides in a dry year could impact yields since they are designed primarily to control fungal diseases, however many higher end fungicides have a level of crop stress mitigation as well. Under stress, plants will produce the larger amounts of hormone ethylene which is the same hormone that leads to fruit ripening in plants. Fungicides that contain additional plant health components such as Veltyma, Revytek, and Miravis Neo can help reduce this stress hormone and therefore assist the plant when dealing with in season stress.

Learn more about Veltyma & Revytek here.

Learn more about Miravis Neo here.

Foliar Bio Stimulants

This is a new tool, however bio stimulants fertilizers like Voyagro from Winfield can help mitigate drought stress in corn and soybeans by linking potassium with amino acids and peptides which help it move within the plant and accumulate proline and glycine betaine in plant cells. Voyagro can help drive yield potential when tissue nitrogen and potassium levels are adequate in the plant. This product contains nitrogen from amino acids along with soluble potassium.

Learn More about Voyagro here.

Contact your Agronomist to discuss in-season drought management options.