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FCS has two high clearance Hagie sprayers set-up with 360 Yield Y-Drop nozzle technology. These machines give flexibility to apply nitrogen through corn tassel.

These machines are set-up with several options:

  • High clearance machine with the ability to go through full size corn
  • 360 Y Drop nozzles that apply the liquid Nitrogen along the base of the corn plant
  • The ability to apply flat rate, variable rate, or use of OptRx Crop sensors
  • OptRx Crop active field sensors that can measure the greenness of the plant and apply Nitrogen according to plant needs.
  • Products include 32% liquid Nitrogen along with Instinct NexGen or Anvol nitrogen stabilizers

For questions on sidedress Y-Drop nitrogen, contact your local FCS agronomy representative:

South Dakota:

  • Tyson Martinmaas 605-460-2276

Ireton and Surrounding Areas:

  • Mike Tiedeman 712-441-7046
  • Aric Den Herder 712-441-5022

Sioux Center and Surrounding Areas:

  • Mark De Kam 712-441-2123
  • Paul Brentlinger 712-441-0065
  • Josh Plueger 712-720-9831

Boyden and Surrounding Areas:

  • Jesse Evans 712-360-1341

Ritter/Sheldon and Surrounding Areas:

  • Ryan Dobbins 712-348-1975

Sanborn and Surrounding Areas:

  • Ben Van Beek 712-348-5253

Melvin and Surrounding Areas:

  • Jerry Stessman 712-348-1383

Minnesota/Little Rock and Surrounding Areas:

  • Shane Kleinwolterink 712-441-5346

Site Specific Ag Team:

  • Kevin Rozenboom 712-441-3453
  • Cody Van Drie 712-348-4064
  • Colin Bolkema 712-348-1209