Maximize Your ROI Though Manure Testing

Manure testing through FCS is an easy and simple practice. In addition to FCS making it easy, we are offering a discount for all manure samples turned in during the week of September 12- 16th. 

Manure testing and proper application to the land can reduce crop input costs; with fertilizer costs rising, it's extremely important to be precise with your application rates. When applied according to the agronomic needs of crops, manure can improve productivity by reducing the need for commercial fertilizer.


  • With high fertilizer input costs, maximize your nutrient application with manure.
  • Don’t guess! Understand your manure’s nutrients so you know what you are applying to your fields. 
  • Take your sample early to determine the correct application rate prior to applying. 
  • Nutrient content varies – avoid wasting valuable nutrients with sampling. 

Don't miss out on these discounts and get your manure tested September 12 - 16th. 

Whether it’s setting up a new manure management plan, annual updates, or sighting new buildings, call or email Jeff today! 

Jeff Koops, FCS Sustainability and Nutrient Management Specialist, is a Certified Technical Service Provider through NRCS. He has over 15 years of experience working with local farmers to help them maximize their manure. Jeff has the expertise to help consult on the best utilization of your manure to achieve maximum ROI.

Cell: 712-441-1352